One down for PPBM as Pizi Jihat disqualified

Pizi Jihat of PPBM was disqualified after an hour’s deliberations by election officials.

PAGOH: PPBM’s Pizi Jihat has been disqualified from contesting the Bukit Pasir state seat in Johor because of problems with documents submitted for his nomination.

The returning officer, Zainor Adani, announced the disqualification after an hour’s deliberations.

He declined to comment on the reasons.

The seat was formerly held by Dr Shahruddin Md Salleh, the PPBM secretary-general.

Bukit Pasir, formerly called Jorak, will now be contested between Najib Lep (PAS) and Noriah Mahat (BN-Umno).

Johor is a key battleground state for Pakatan Harapan whose component parties DAP, PPBM, PKR and Amanah are fielding a strong slate of candidates to break the Barisan Nasional hold.

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