Amanah man promises to give Kamunting a university

Amanah’s Muhd Fadhil Nurrudin entered politics only three years ago after 30 years as a lecturer.

TAIPING: Amanah’s Muhd Fadhil Nurrudin, who spent over 30 years as lecturer, hopes to woo voters with his promise of a university campus in Kamunting.

Fadhil, a trained engineer, said if Pakatan Harapan wins control of the federal and state governments, he would seek collaboration with an international education institution to set up a campus in Kamunting, which is within the Taiping parliamentary constituency.

The campus would benefit residents and draw students from other districts in Perak, said Fadhil, who has taught at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

He told FMT he would also work to improve cleanliness in Kamunting town.

Fadhil is making his electoral debut. He said he was nervous but took comfort in knowing that he had the support of his party, its PH allies, as well as his wife and 12 children.

He said PH stood a good chance, although the battle for Malay-majority Kamunting had traditionally been between Umno and PAS.

“We believe we will get 40% of votes from Malays who voted PAS and 30% from those who voted Umno in the general election of 2013, as well as 80% of the non-Malay votes,” he said.

He said the Malay voters were now more progressive and increasingly accepted Amanah, as seen by rising attendance at its ceramah.

Fadhil said he was not politically active until three years ago, having been with Ikram Malaysia, an NGO.

“I couldn’t stand the corruption and GST that I made the decision to join Amanah as it was the perfect platform for me, being inclusive and having a clear vision and mission,” he said.

Raised in Taiping, Fadhil said going into politics would help him take helping others to the “next level” after rendering services to the people through Ikram.

He said one of the challenges he faced was to debunk Umno’s campagin against DAP, accusing the party of being anti-Malay and wanting party supremo Lim Kit Siang to be prime minister.

Fadhil’s rivals in Kamunting are Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid (BN), who seeks a third term as assemblyman, and Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Aziz (PAS).

Polling is on May 9.

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