Rafidah still loved in Kuala Kangsar, but…

BN members in Kuala Kangsar think Rafidah should be enjoying her retirement instead of raising her voice against Putrajaya too frequently. (Facebook pic)

KUALA KANGSAR: Some residents in this royal town retain fond memories of Rafidah Aziz as their representative in Parliament, but they think she should be enjoying her retirement instead of raising her voice against Putrajaya too frequently.

Comments by a 60-year-old cook who identified herself as Aishah revealed sentiments that were typical of those expressed by several avowed BN loyalists interviewed by FMT.

She referred to Rafidah as someone close to her heart.

“She provided the people of Kuala Kangsar, especially those in Bukit Chandan, with good service,” Aishah said. “She brought development and was always on the ground.”

However, she said Rafidah shouldn’t be like former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, criticising the government after retiring from it.

“Many Malays are uneasy with what Mahathir is doing now,” she said.

“Rafidah should lay back and enjoy her retirement.”

Shop owner Angie, 58, said the so-called Iron Lady was still popular and remembered fondly for her service as Kuala Kangsar MP from 1986 to 2013.

But while acknowledging that Rafidah had the right to criticise the government, she said: “I don’t really care for her comments. As a resident and business owner, I care more about the service I get from my elected representatives.

“Whoever can work will get my vote.”

She said she was satisfied with the service given by Kuala Kangsar incumbent Mastura Yazid.

Insurance agent Muhd Kamarulaizan, 31, said he would agree with Rafidah whenever she gave constructive criticism.

“However, most of her remarks seem to be becoming more and more personal in nature,” he said. “I don’t think it’s fair to call people all sorts of names or pass judgement on others.”

Kuala Kangsar Umno vice president Maslin Sham Razman said he wasn’t concerned by Rafidah’s criticisms, adding that Umno derived its strength from members’ loyalty to the party president, Najib Razak.

“Rafidah has no influence in Kuala Kangsar,” he said. “Our 12,000 members follow Najib. In the past, when Mahathir was PM, we followed him when others criticised him. Now we follow Najib.”