How MCA newbie was pushed into politics

MCA Taiping chief Ang Sui Eng (left) with the party’s Pokok Assam candidate, Lee Li Kuan.

TAIPING: New face Lee Li Kuan, who is seeking election in Pokok Assam, was inspired to get into active politics some years ago when she noticed a small gesture of kindness shown by MCA’s liaison chief for its Taiping division, Ang Sui Eng.

“A poor old senior citizen came to our office to thank Ang for helping her get welfare aid,” she told FMT. “She came with a hamper for Ang. But Ang told her to take the hamper home for her grandchildren. She said it was her duty to help people without expecting anything in return.

“I was so touched.”

She pointed out that Ang was not even an elected representative.

She refers to Ang as Big Sister, and they were together at the submission of nomination papers on Saturday.

Lee, 30, will be up against DAP’s Low Thye Yih, who is well known in the area, having previously served as the Aulong assemblyman.

“People say I’m just cannon fodder, but I’m not demotivated,” she said. “I just want to serve the people like Ang, and I think I can do that well since I’m still young and energetic.”

Lee joined MCA eight years ago and has served as a member of the Taiping Municipal Council.

She admits that she faces a tough fight against DAP because Chinese voters generally are intent on changing the government.

“But I hope to get at least one chance to serve as assemblyman.”

She said one of her goals was to develop programmes to empower housewives with the knowledge and resources to engage in e-commerce.

Lee loves to sing, but she said the only tune she’d be belting out on the campaign trail would be the Barisan Nasional song.

In the last election, DAP’s Teh Kok Lim won the Pokok Assam seat with more than 70% of the votes.