I have no plans to join PKR, says independent Batu candidate

Batu parliamentary seat candidate P Prabakaran, a law student, says he is contesting as an independent because he wants to be the voice of the youths.

PETALING JAYA: Independent candidate for the Batu parliamentary seat P Prabakaran, 22, says he has no plans to join any political party following suggestions for PKR to endorse one of the independent candidates as their representative in the constituency after Tian Chua was disqualified.

The youngest candidate in GE14 said so far, no one had contacted him on the matter.

“If they contact me, I will tell them that I will need to speak to my committee and advisers.

“We are together in this,” the law student told FMT, referring to his team.

He added he is an independent candidate because he wants to be the voice of the youths.

The law student was asked to comment on political analyst Kamarul Zaman Yusoff who suggested to PKR to pick one of the two independent candidates from Batu to represent PKR in the coming polls after incumbent Tian Chua was denied the chance to contest.

Earlier, Tian Chua said the party was open to options but had not decided on the matter.

Tian Chua, a two-term Batu MP, had won the seat with a majority of 13,000 votes in 2013.

His nomination was rejected because he had been fined RM2,000 on a charge of insulting a policeman.

The fine was reduced to RM2,000 after he appealed to the High Court. The Federal Constitution disqualifies anyone fined more than RM2,000 from standing for election.

Election Commission chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah said yesterday the decision to accept or reject a nomination was solely at the discretion of the returning officer at the nomination centre.

“Tian Chua can now submit a petition to the courts and let them decide on this matter. We will abide by the court’s ruling.”

Gerakan vice-president Dr Dominic Lau (BN), Azhar Yahya (PAS) and independents Prabakaran and VM Panjamothy are contesting the Batu seat.

MIC president Dr S Subramaniam later said the party had terminated Panjamothy’s MIC membership for contesting as an independent candidate.

He said another MIC member, S Surash, who holds a Datuk Seri title, contesting as an independent for the Jeram Padang state seat in Negeri Sembilan, had quit the party before the nomination date yesterday.

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