It’s tough fighting DAP, says Gerakan man

Soo says voters should not be charmed for 11 days only to suffer for 5 years. (Facebook pic)

TAIPING: Perak Gerakan chief Soo Kay Ping has acknowledged that he’ll find it hard to win Chinese support in his fight against DAP for the Aulong state seat.

Speaking to FMT, he alleged that many Chinese voters, in their determination to change the government, cared little for the good that Barisan Nasional had done even though they recognised it.

He said they believed that Gerakan and MCA, being part of BN, would still be able to serve Chinese interests even if their candidates were to lose.

The problem with that belief, he added, was that it was not entirely true.

“The reality is that a loser can pull favours now and then, but won’t be in any position to make decisions, attend state or federal government meetings or be part of the administrative process,” he said.

“So the question is whether the people of Aulong and Taiping want someone who can work or someone who seldom goes down to the ground and gives the excuse that he can’t do anything unless his party controls Putrajaya and the state government.”

The battle for Aulong, which has a 55% Chinese voter base, will be a straight fight between Soo and DAP’s Nga Kor Ming. Malays make up 27% of the electorate and Indians 18%.

Nga is known for his fiery speeches and Soo claims he can match his rival in oratory skills but doesn’t believe in stirring up emotions.

“He speaks to stir up hatred,” he said. “He goes on the basis of emotions. I speak with facts. I serve to solve problems, not create them.”

Soo, a computer engineer, joined Gerakan in 1999. In 2006, he was made a member of the Taiping Municipal Council and soon found himself fighting against a proposal to impose motorcycle parking fees. He claimed it was his vocal opposition that led to the defeat of the proposal.

In the last general election, he lost to DAP’s Low Thye Yih, getting only 32.9% of the votes. But he believes that he has a 50-50 chance of winning in the coming election. He said he was sure that voters would appreciate his track record of service to the community.

“Nga is good at talking but not working,” he said. “Don’t be charmed for 11 days and suffer for five years.”