MCA sacks 12 for marring image of party, BN

MCA disciplinary board chairman Chor Chee Heung says the sacked MCA members had sabotaged BN’s efforts.

ALOR SETAR: The decision of seven MCA members to contest as opposition or independent candidates has marred the image of the party, party’s disciplinary board chairman Chor Chee Heung said.

He said they were disappointed at not being picked to contest in the upcoming polls.

“The decisions made by the party leadership, including the issue concerning the selection of candidates for GE14, is final. If there are any suggestions or appeals, it must be made through party channels.

“Therefore, we urge all MCA members not to be rash when making decisions but to respect the party constitution.

“The actions of such members sabotages Barisan Nasional candidates in the areas they are contesting.”

He confirmed that the MCA disciplinary committee had sacked 12 of its members, including the seven contesting as candidates.

Of the 12, nine are in Johor, two in Perak and one in Kedah.

Four of the nine Johor MCA members sacked are Ting Chong Chai and Lim Yak Hong, who are contesting as independents in the Puteri Wangsa state seat, as well as Tee Boon Tsong and Ng Yak Howe, who are contesting under DAP tickets in the state seats of Senai and Bentayan respectively.

“The remaining five are Choon Kai Ling, Chew Mui Mui, Ng Lee Chu, Lam Tau Lai and Thin Meau Guey, who had acted as proposers and seconders for the candidates.

“In Perak, the sackings involve Chin Kwai Leong and Chin Kwai Heng, who are contesting under the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) ticket in the state seats of Menglembu and Tronoh.

“The remaining one, Yeo Keng Chuan, is a PKR candidate in the state seat of Kulim, Kedah,” Chor said.