Sabah’s biggest asset is her diversity, says Musa

Musa Aman says the 52 ethnic groups in Sabah can sit, eat and drink together.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s biggest asset is its unity in diversity which has allowed for peace and harmony to prevail all this while.

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman said the state’s charm is not just due to its natural attractions but also because of its multiracial communities as well as rich cultures and traditions.

He said Sabah’s ethnic diversity is its strength and should be a bridge between communities instead of dividing them.

“We have at least 52 ethnic groups in Sabah. We can sit, eat and drink together. There is no point in us fighting.

“Look at some of the countries around the world where there’re civil wars that have led to bloodshed and misery. We can’t allow this to happen in Sabah,” he said during his visit to the Kampung Nelayan district polling centre in Sandakan on Saturday.

Musa said there must be mutual respect for others even if they belonged to other communities and religions, adding that it was already a practice in Sabah.

“This is our way of life. Don’t change it. Only with peace and harmony can we have a foundation for our state and people to progress and prosper,” he added.

He said the Barisan Nasional government had brought about a lot of development to the state, including areas like Kampung Nelayan Batu Putih in Sandakan.

He said the roads, water supply and bridge projects implemented in the area were testaments to the government’s commitment to uplift the welfare of the people.

“I know this is the season to belittle the efforts of BN. The opposition becomes extra deaf and blind come election time. What else can they do but run us down?”

He said the people must not be fooled by lies, deception and dirty tactics employed by those whose only objective was to get to the pinnacle of power.

Younger generation

Umno Libaran Puteri chief Karmi Ariffin said the chief minister’s dedication and commitment to serve the people had earned the admiration of many, including the younger generation.

In paying tribute to the Sabah BN chief, Karmi said Musa is a hardworking leader who is always on the ground to understand the pulse of the grassroots.

“It cannot be denied that he has all the traits of a good leader. He is always around and has time to listen to problems faced by the people. His leadership is exemplary and must be emulated.

“Since he became the assemblyman in our area (Sungai Sibuga), we can see many developments and transformations in all forms,” she said at a gathering with the people at Kampung Nelayan Batu Putih.

Karmi said she once fell from a dilapidated wooden walkway in Kampung Nelayan but all that changed after Musa became the assemblyman.

“Basic infrastructure such as bridges, roads, clean water supply and electricity have been provided. Recently, 1,000 housing units under the People’s Housing Project were launched,” she said, expecting things to further improve with Musa representing the constituents.

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