What pact with BN, asks Sabah PAS

Tanjong Aru PAS state candidate Hamid Ismail says the party has been consistent in its stand against some issues against BN, like the GST, 1MDB and corruption.

KOTA KINABALU: PAS has rubbished speculation that the party has a pact with the Barisan Nasional.

Hamid Ismail, PAS’ candidate for the Tanjong Aru state seat, said he was flooded with questions from Sabahans lately on the so-called working relationship between BN and PAS in the coming election.

“The answer to the question is a big no. In GE14, PAS has candidates in all constituencies where there are BN candidates.

“The best example is in Tanjong Aru where I am up against BN candidate Edward Yong Oui Fah.”

“The same in the Putatan parliamentary seat.

“Furthermore, PAS has been consistent on its stand against some issues against BN, like the GST (goods and services tax), 1MDB and corruption,” he said.

Hamid such questions could instil fear and hatred among Sabahans, which could cause them not to vote for PAS.

“Therefore, I advise all Sabahans not to fear PAS in Sabah. Allegations that PAS has a pact with Umno/BN are untrue and false.

“That allegation is made only to scare Sabahans not to vote for PAS.

“I believe Sabahans are wiser in evaluating this allegation based on facts, not false and fake news,” he said.

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