Batu Ferringhi hill development by the book, says Penang exco

Jagdeep Singh Deo says federal laws allow highrises in areas up to 300m above sea level whereas those in Penang were restricted to a low of 76m.

GEORGE TOWN: Penang DAP deputy chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo said a hillside development project in Batu Ferringhi had passed strict technical guidelines set by the state government.

Jagdeep, who is state town and country planning executive councillor, said the project was also not on a footprint above 76m above sea level, which is the state’s self-imposed limit on hill development.

He said Penang Barisan Nasional chief Teng Chang Yeow, who had raised concerns over the project, should instead train his guns on Putrajaya, where the federal laws allow highrises in areas up to 300m above sea level.

Jagdeep said since Teng had recently said he dared to raise issues of the people directly to the prime minister, he should put his money where his mouth is.

“I challenge Teng to state if he dares to demand PM Najib to review the federal guidelines on development since he said he did not mind going against the PM,” he told FMT.

Earlier today, Teng had raised the issue of a mega highrise housing project taking place on a hillside, behind an existing condominium project.

Teng also said he could raise sensitive matters to his “leaders” on matters related to the people. He said this was unlike Penang’s elected reps who cannot criticise their leaders as they risked being sidelined or even being dropped in the general election.

Jagdeep said Teng should be demanding the 1Malaysia Peoples’ Home (PR1MA) project to be expanded to the island, rather than going against affordable homes projects being built in Penang.

“BN must answer for its failure to build affordable housing under PR1MA in Penang. To date, not even one has been built.”

On concerns about the Batu Ferringhi project having a high density of 101units/acre, when the state limit was 15units/acre, Jagdeep said this question should be thrown back at Teng.

He said Teng should answer how many units per acre was approved at the Miami Green Condominium, which is located adjacent to the new highrise project.

Jagdeep said the Miami Green project was approved during the BN administration of Penang.

“I want Teng to answer me on that first,” Jagdeep said.

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