Bodybuilders seek more funds for charity programmes

Charitable Bodybuilders from the Super Fit Community.

SHAH ALAM: A group of bodybuilders who frequently organise charity programmes have urged those in power to provide more funding to charitable NGOs.

Speaking to FMT at Medan Selera Delima here, Super Fit Community deputy president Mohammad Araki said whoever came into power after May 9 had to make sure of this as the charity work needed to continue.

“We conduct a lot of charitable programmes but it’s always difficult getting the money to do so.

“We rely mostly on sponsors, some of us pitch in our own money and we also collect donations,” he added.

The NGO, which is officially registered with the Registrar of Societies (RoS), had been treating a group of children from the nearby Teratak Nur Barakah orphanage to KFC and cendol.

Orphans enjoying their treat of KFC and cendol.

It said after Hari Raya, the group also planned to fix up some badly maintained orphanages and suraus in the area.

“We’ve been doing all this since we were formed last year and we plan to continue, but times are hard and it’s getting harder to get the money needed.”

Among those present at the event was Barisan Nasional’s candidate for Batu Tiga, Ahmad Mua’adzam Shah.

Speaking to FMT, Ahmad Mua’adzam said it was hard to blame anyone for the lack of funds.

BN’s candidate for Batu Tiga, Ahmad Mua’adzam Shah.

“But we as leaders need to inculcate and encourage this type of charity work among the people,” he added.

When asked, one of the Super Fit Community members who refused to be named said the programme was apolitical.

“We only invited him because he’s a good friend. If he does end up winning, then maybe he can help.”

He also insisted that no money had been received from any political party for the treat.

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