PAS hopes to soar high with wau in rural Kedah

The imposing ‘wau’ (kite) structure in Batu Sepuluh, Jerai, Kedah.

JERAI: Instead of just the usual flags and banners, PAS in Kedah has turned creative with its campaigning for the coming polls.

Travel down the road to Batu Sepuluh, in the parliamentary constituency of Jerai, and you will be able to spot a wau (kite) made up of bamboo shoots, and draped with PAS flags of all sizes.

The 8m structure is easily visible from the main road and is very prominent against the backdrop of a bright blue sky.

According to local leaders there, it was put up just two days ago, on nomination day.

Not to be outdone, outside a mosque in Sungai Pau, Jeneri, located in the Sik parliamentary constituency, is a big arch made of bamboo shoots and draped with PAS flags.

The giant arch and mini tank outside a mosque in Sungai Pau, Jeneri, Sik.

Right in the middle of the arch is a glossy giant-sized flag of the party. To the right, is a mini tank wrapped in PAS flags.

Further up in the town area of Sik, there is also a grounded helicopter made up of, again, bamboo shoots, all wrapped in PAS flags.

PAS is contesting in all 15 parliamentary and 36 state seats in Kedah in the coming polls.