Umno: PAS only hurting itself with talk of massage parlours in Shah Alam

Shah Alam Umno division head Azhari Shaari says massage parlours and gambling dens in the constituency only became an issue after the opposition took over Selangor.

SHAH ALAM: Shah Alam Umno division head Azhari Shaari says PAS’ Kota Anggerik candidate Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani revealed the party’s own weaknesses when he claimed that the number of massage parlours and gambling dens in Shah Alam had increased as of late.

Azhari said by doing so, Dusuki had indirectly admitted to the weaknesses of the Selangor state government, of which PAS was once a member.

“When Selangor was under Barisan Nasional (BN), issues such as massage parlours, gambling dens and such never arose, but when the-then opposition coalition of PKR, PAS and DAP ran the government, these immoral premises increased in number in Shah Alam.

“I do not understand why he brings this up during election time when he was part of the Shah Alam City Council and PAS was a part of the state government for almost 10 years,” he told reporters yesterday.

He was responding to a video clip of Dusuki giving a speech where he claimed that development by the PKR-led Selangor government in Section 7 and Setia Alam had created more immoral premises in Shah Alam such as massage parlours and gambling dens.

Dusuki, who will be contesting against BN’s Jumaeyah Masdi and PKR’s Mohd Najwan Halimi, also said there were many massage parlours in Section 25, Section 18 and several other areas in Shah Alam.

Azhari, who will be contesting the Shah Alam parliamentary seat, said voters should look at PAS’ and PKR’s willingness to do anything to get positions even if it meant breaking the trust given to them.

Azhari will face a three-cornered fight against PAS’ Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki and Shah Alam incumbent Khalid Abdul Samad, who won the seat on a PAS ticket in the last general election.

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