Catholic Church does not sanction Father Bruno’s entry into politics

Father Bruno Andau Yasun (centre) is contesting as a candidate for the Ranau parliamentary constituency in the general election.

KOTA KINABALU: The Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu of the Catholic Church said here today that the action of a member of her clergy, Father Bruno Andau Yasun, to contest as a candidate for the Ranau parliamentary constituency in the general election, is on his own volition and without the consent or sanction of the church.

Archbishop John Wong Soo Kau, head of the archdiocese, said that in March last year, Bruno had expressed his wish to leave the priesthood. He was granted one-year sabbatical leave.

He said the leave was given with the hope that he would renew his priestly spirit and return to serve the church.

“When priests take their vows of office during their sacerdotal ordination, they state their resolve to faithfully and religiously exercise their ministry to preach the Gospel and to explain the Catholic faith to the flock under their care.

“They further consecrate their whole life permanently to God for the salvation of his people.”

The archbishop said it was clear now that Bruno had chosen a different path by entering into partisan politics and standing as a candidate in the election for public office.

“All I wish to say is that he is doing so on his own volition and not with the consent or blessing of our Church,” he said in a statement released today by the Social Communications Commission of the archdiocese.

Parti Cinta Sabah named Bruno as its candidate for the Ranau seat to challenge Barisan Nasional’s Ewon Ebin, a former federal minister.

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