Free beers anyone?

KOTA KINABALU: Cast your vote on May 9 and get three free beers. Is that a good deal or not?

An entertainment outlet here is hoping to encourage people to go out and cast their votes on polling day by offering the first 100 customers three free beers each.

Whatsapp text messages have been making the rounds about the offer from The Beer Factory, one of the many watering holes at the KK Waterfront.

Its manager, Dinesh Kumar, said the idea came from the outlet’s Kuala Lumpur headquarters and the purpose was to make members of the public, especially the younger ones, aware of their right to vote.

“The only thing they need to do is show us the indelible ink on their fingers,” he said.

“Polling day is a public holiday and people can relax with their drinks while waiting for the election results.”

This will be the first time The Beer Factory is organising such a promotion.

The KK Waterfront has an array of entertainment outlets, including dining. It is a popular haunt with tourists and locals alike.