Buddies doesn’t mean I’ll give Mukhriz an easy win, says Aminuddin

Jitra incumbent Aminuddin Omar says there is a ‘psychological war’ going on. (Facebook pic)

ALOR SETAR: Former state executive councillor Aminuddin Omar has denounced as “fake news” reports of him giving his good friend Mukhriz Mahathir an easy win in the state seat of Jitra.

Aminuddin, who is the BN incumbent there, said the reports were created by certain groups to sow doubts and whip up the emotions of voters.

He said he was told three days ago about the matter, and that he was asked whether it was true that he would let the former Kedah menteri besar win easily.

“The word going around was that I would not work hard, would not campaign hard, and would hand victory to Mukhriz. People were also saying that Mukhriz is my good friend, my ex-boss.

“There is a psychological war going on. I am not sure who started this. Maybe there are those out there who are playing up this issue to confuse the public and demoralise Umno.

“These people are spreading fake news. I will go all out and do my best to defend my seat,” he told reporters after meeting voters at the Bukit Tinggi voting district centre today.

In the 13th general election, Aminuddin secured Jitra by defeating PAS’ Rohani Muttalib by 3,056 votes.

At the height of the Kedah leadership crisis in 2016, he had supported Mukhriz who was being pressured by national Umno leaders to step down over his criticism of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He had also stood by Mukhriz when the latter announced that he was relinquishing his menteri besar post.

This election, the Jitra seat will see a three-way fight between Mukhriz, Aminuddin and PAS’ Zulhazmi Osman.

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