‘Fake news’ probe into Mahathir’s sabotage claim

Dr Mahathir’s claim being investigated under Anti-Fake News Law, says Mazlan Lajim. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: A police investigation is being carried out under the Anti-Fake News Act into former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s claim of sabotage of a private plane which he had chartered to fly to Langkawi last Friday.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Mazlan Lazim who told the media today that the Mahathir case was one of eight police reports that had been made relating to the general election on May 9.

“Of the other cases, two are about ceramahs (political talks) held without a permit, one for mischief involving fire, three cases for trespassing and one involving an inquiry against the police,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Last Friday, Mahathir had said that he had been told of a fault in the private plane he was to board, and had voiced his suspicions that it might be an attempt to prevent him from reaching Langkawi in time to file his papers as a candidate for election

However the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) said the pilot had not made any report and CAAM investigators confirmed that there was a “routine and technical fault” of an air leakage at the nose wheel of the aircraft chartered from business jet operator Vista Jet.

The company also issued a statement confirming the CAAM findings and denying there had been any sabotage.

Mahathir had said that three of his friends who owned private jets had all told him they could not allow him the use of their planes and that one spoke of having received a warning from certain people not to lend him the jet.

“It appears as though there are people who knew about the fault to the jet, and tried to determine that there would be no jets I could borrow so I cannot fly to Langkawi,” the PPBM chairman was reported to have said.

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