Nazri’s mouth will push votes to me, says PKR rival

PKR’s Padang Rengas candidate Ejazi Yahaya is confident of getting the votes in the coming polls.

KUALA KANGSAR: PKR’s Padang Rengas candidate Ejazi Yahaya is upbeat about his chances of beating the incumbent, Umno strongman Nazri Aziz, due to the latters’s tendency to make controversial remarks.

Speaking to FMT, Ejazi, popularly known as “Cikgu Ejazi”, said Nazri, who is gunning for his sixth term as Padang Rengas MP, had finally crossed the line with his comments on Dr Mahathir Mohamad and tycoon Robert Kuok.

“Every community in Malaysia has its role models or idols. For the Malays, it is Mahathir and for the Chinese, it is Kuok,” he told FMT on the sidelines of a ceramah in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Nazri had previously said that Mahathir, 92, was getting more “senile” with his claims that land sold to foreigners would become foreign land.

Earlier this year, Nazri had also called Hong Kong-based billionaire Kuok a “pondan” (pansy) for allegedly funding the opposition to topple the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

Nazri said if Kuok wanted to oust the government, he should stand in the coming polls instead of hiding in Hong Kong. Kuok has denied the allegations.

As for the Malays, Ejazi said, they believed that there was a proper way of reprimanding or responding to someone when you didn’t agree with them.

“Many Malays and Chinese are angry with what Nazri said about Mahathir and Kuok. He has crossed the line, it is very unbecoming of a Malay.

“So I believe I can get the support of the people because I am taking on Nazri.”

Ejazi acknowledged however that there were “disappointed” PKR leaders who had stopped working for the party’s machinery as they were unhappy with the choice of candidates.

Two Padang Rengas PKR committee members had previously criticised the party’s decision to field Ejazi over another leader, Lukman Yahya. The dissent also resulted in the resignation of the division’s chief, Alias Ibrahim, who had backed Lukman.

“Whoever wants to leave the party, it is up to them. The people can judge for themselves which leaders are true to the struggle,” Ejazi said.

He also spoke on his plans should he win the seat. He intends to push for better road infrastructure, a higher speed limit of 120km/h and the cancellation of outstanding summonses.

“In developed countries, they have higher speed limits so people can move around faster, yet road safety is better. It’s not just the driver, sometimes it’s due to the infrastructure and cars.”

He also said he would push for stateless children from the Chinese and Indian communities to get identity cards.

The battle for Padang Rengas will see a three-cornered contest between Ejazi, Nazri and PAS’ Mohamad Azalan Mohd Radzi.

In the 2013 general election, Nazri defeated PKR’s Meor Ahmad Isharra Ishak by 2,230 votes.

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