PKR man upset wth Shahrir Samad’s ultra-Malay stand

PKR deputy Youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin wants Felda chairman Shahrir Samad to retract his remarks on the effects of a “Malay tsunami.”

BUKIT MERTAJAM: PKR deputy Youth chief Dr Afif Bahardin has criticised Felda chairman Shahrir Samad for saying that if a “Malay tsunami” occurs, it would be a form of attack on the Malay institutions.

He said such remarks by the BN candidate for the Johor Bahru parliamentary seat were typical of an Umno that is desperate and on the verge of losing.

“The real threat to the Malay institution is Umno itself.

“I am disappointed, angered and saddened by Shahrir’s comments.

“He should retract them. I grew up looking up to him as a progressive leader, but as he gets older, he appears to have taken an ultra-Malay stance.

“I hope he loses in Johor Bahru,” Afif said at a press conference in Yayasan Aman, Penanti, here today.

Yesterday, Shahrir told reporters in Johor Bahru that the “Malay tsunami” being bandied about by the opposition is intended to destroy the Malay institutions in the country.

The JB incumbent said it was a long-term strategy which had in fact begun after the 2013 general election with an attack on important bodies for the Malays, such as Lembaga Tabung Haji, Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT) and Felda.

“The opposition attacked LTAT, an institution that is also close to the hearts of the Malays as many Malays served in the armed forces. Then, they attacked Felda and made numerous allegations, saying Felda is bankrupt and so forth,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Afif said the Malay institutions in the country have been under Umno’s control for decades and they have been abused under its supervision.

“In reality, under the present Umno and BN leadership, these Malay agencies have gone through a lot of management issues, which have put them at serious risk.

“These BN Malay leaders have betrayed these institutions,” he said.

On another matter, Afif said the DAP-led Penang government had allocated the highest amount for Islam among all states.

“The Malay institutions in the state are all in safe hands.”


Shahrir: ‘Malay tsunami’ a strategy to destroy Malay institutions