Softer, gentler Najib tells of his wishes and weaknesses

PETALING JAYA: A gentler and more restrained Najib Razak appears in a new campaign video tonight with a message of love and making a heartfelt plea to Malaysians, in a departure from the aggressive attacks and potshots he has taken at his political opponents.

Asking that voters return his administration to power, he lists out what he had set to achieve since taking over in 2009 – from good health services to ensuring a highly trained and educated population.

He also admits his shortcomings, and suggested that not everything may have been successfully carried out, a step back from the aggressive battle he has fought over the past three years against political critics and their allegations of mismanagement of his brainchild, 1MDB.

“I admit my weaknesses, just like any other human being. There may be things I have missed. I accept all criticisms with an open mind, and I will always strive to improve myself.

“But there are also allegations that are not true and have no basis. I humbly ask the people to understand and not pass judgment without checking,” said Najib.

In the three-minute video, the Barisan Nasional chairman and prime minister touched on health, education, employment, housing, human capital and spiritual development.

He says it is his wish to ensure that the health of every Malaysian is taken care of right from birth, while equipping the youths with skills.

The clip is a departure from Najib’s style of attack on his critics, most notably his arch rival Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is leading the Pakatan Harapan charge for the general election.

Najib has regularly made references to Mahathir’s age and past scandals, while attacking the opposition alliance as a union which would not last.

This time, he told voters: “I love every Malaysian citizen, and I think of your future. Whatever I do is to upgrade the quality of your life.”

Four days ago, an emotional 10-minute video was posted on Mahathir’s Facebook page showing a teary-eyed Mahathir telling two young children that in his little time left he would seek to correct the errors of his past.

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