You’re rich and arrogant, Samy’s son attacks Mahathir’s son

PETALING JAYA: MIC treasurer-general S Vell Paari today described Mokhzani Mahathir as “arrogant” for saying the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) was nothing to shout about and that Malaysians could only be proud when they were rich.

Calling on Mokhzani to apologise to all BR1M recipients “as they do not deserve to be disrespected and ridiculed”, he said it also showed that Mokhzani had lost touch with the common people.

“Everyone in Malaysia knows how Mokhzani Mahathir made his billions. In fact Anwar Ibrahim once said that Mokhzani’s Kenchana Petroleum received most of the projects from Petronas. Dr Mahathir was also once the adviser of Petronas.”

Vell Paari, the son of Mahathir’s former cabinet minster S Samy Vellu, said in a statement that Mokhzani should stop “looking down” upon and disrespecting people who received BR1M.

“Not everyone in Malaysia is the son of a former prime minister of 22 years and who is now a multi-billionaire. There are people in this country who work to find a living honestly and do need assistance from time to time. The government is aware of this and (is) providing assistance to the rakyat accordingly. The amount of assistance might be nothing to Mokhzani but means a lot to the people who are really in need.”

He asked Mokhzani why Pakatan Harapan in its manifesto had not committed itself to abolishing BR1M?

“The reason is simple because PH knows that BR1M is a very good initiative by the BN government.”

Mokhzani had yesterday said although the government revelled in the fact that it was helping the people by disbursing the aid, the people forget that they are receiving money because they could not afford to fend for themselves.

“We can be proud and be like champions when we are rich. We can feel great with our own hard-earned money. That is what’s important. It is not about people giving us money so we can survive. That is not greatness.

“We can feel proud when we are able to ensure our livelihood is taken care of, and we can take care of our own families,” he had said at a ceramah in Felda Sungai Tiang in Pendang, Kedah, last night.