Media dishonest about Warisan, says Shafie

A section of the crowd that attended the event in Membakut today.

MEMBAKUT: Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal accused some broadcast media organisations of not telling the truth about what is really happening in Sabah.

“Thousands of people are leaving Barisan Nasional and we see these people with our own eyes but the news is not reported or shown by TV1 and TV3.

“This shows the media intends to give the wrong perception to their audience,” he said when met after a meet-the-people event here today.

Shafie, who is Warisan candidate for the Semporna federal seat and Senallang state seat, said as far as he knows, there are more people leaving Umno and BN than those who left Warisan to join other parties.

Nevertheless, he said as a former Umno vice-president, he understood the tactics used by BN and inflating the number of people joining their parties is one of the many tricks BN used to persuade the people.

He also said he is aware of attempts by certain people to “buy” Warisan members but believed this tactic is not working well because the number of people joining Warisan far outnumbered the people who joined BN.

“Besides, even if they give the people RM3,000 to join them, I think the people are smart enough to know receiving that sum of money once every five years will not make them rich or change their lives,” he said.

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