Nur Jazlan fears low turnout from voter apathy

BN’s Pulai candidate Nur Jazlan leaving Tampoi marine police headquarters where early voting took place.

JOHOR BAHRU: Pulai candidate Nur Jazlan Mohamed of BN believes people have forgotten Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his recent appeal to the security forces to vote wisely would have little impact.

“He was the prime minister 15 years ago. People have forgotten him,” said Nur Jazlan, the BN candidate for re-election in the Pulai parliamentary constituency.

“All his letter was trying to do is gain some sympathy votes. Sympathy should never be a factor when it comes to choosing a government,” he said after visiting Tampoi marine police headquarters to observe early voting by more than 1,500 policemen. Nur Jazlan is deputy home minister.

Earlier this week, Mahathir wrote an open letter to the chiefs of police and armed forces, asking them to ensure that their personnel did not face any pressure when voting.

Mahathir, who is Pakatan Harapan chairman, said: “It is the duty of every citizen including the members of the armed forces to choose a government that is responsible, trustworthy and has integrity. They must be given the freedom to choose.”

Nur Jazlan mocked Mahathir and Pakatan for pulling off such a move. An open letter was not a practical method to win public support. “It is useless if they do not do their ground work,” Nur Jazlan said.

Polling takes place on Wednesday, May 9. Nur Jazlan said he was worried that Pulai voters might not turn up in such numbers as in 2013.

“I feel that voters are apathetic now and that may affect the turnout rate,” he said.

In the 2013 general election, 85% of Pulai voters cast their ballots.

Nur Jazlan seeks a fourth term as Pulai MP. He is challenged by Amanah’s Salehuddin Ayub, PAS’s Mazri Yahya and independent candidate Yap Keng Tak.

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