BN man hopes Kampar bird sanctuary will create more jobs

MCA vice-president Lee Chee Leong hopes to create more jobs so people can return home to Perak.

KAMPAR: MCA vice-president Lee Chee Leong is banking on ecotourism to boost the number of visitors and create jobs in Kampar.

He said BN’s manifesto for Kampar calls for a sustainable economy for young people, who have migrated to the cities, to return to their home state.

He said Kampar was already on the tourist map and had greater potential to draw more visitors with more publicity.

“There is a piece of land, covering 200 acres (80ha) near Kampar town which the government has gazetted as a bird sanctuary.

“The locals here can venture into this market by bringing tourists around.

“Once you start this business, more job openings will follow suit,” he told FMT.

“We cannot just depend on the existing economic sectors to create jobs. Tourism is one of the ways to ensure that.”

Lee was the MP for Kampar in 2008 but lost his seat in the 2013 general election to DAP’s Ko Chung Sen by a majority of 5,400 votes.

This election, Lee is again vying for the seat, against Pakatan Harapan’s Su Keong

Siong and PAS’ Yougan Mahalingam.

Kampar has 33% Malay voters, 55% Chinese and 9% Indians.