Reject ugly politics, urges tycoon Lee Kim Yew

SRI KEMBANGAN: Tycoon Lee Kim Yew, who is behind the development of Mines Resort City, today urged Malaysians to reject ugly politics.

Ugly politics, he told those attending the Aspirasi Rakyat forum organised by the National Patriots Association, should be avoided.

He also said people needed to refer to the Federal Constitution when democracy became sick.

“When we see democracy becoming sick we need to get ‘medicine’. Where do we go to get medicine? We must look at the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara to move forward,” he said.

Referring to Article 144 of the Federal Constitution which relates to the Election Commission (EC), he said appointments to the EC were made by the king after consulting the Conference of Rulers.

“It also states the EC must enjoy the confidence of the rakyat.”

He added that the king could prevent a member of Parliament being appointed a minister if the king felt the MP was not “good”.

He also highlighted Article 10 which states that every citizen has the right to speak and form an association.

“When politicians become MPs they should make laws that protect people and not make laws to punish us,” he said, adding that the anti-fake news law contradicted the Federal Constitution.

“The constitution is the supreme law of the federation. Any law passed after Merdeka day that contradicts the constitution will be void.”

Lee called on the government that wins the general election to take an oath of allegiance to the nation, and not to any individual.

He said: “If people smear your name, you have to defend yourself. If you don’t defend yourself and you remain silent, over time, the epithet sticks to you and you become almost a symbol for that trait or action.

“For instance, if you are called a corrupt person and you don’t defend yourself, you cannot blame the rakyat for it.”

He also praised the BN government for the federal budget, saying it was a good budget.