BN’s Tan goes ‘local’ for Kampung Tunku votes

BN’s Tan Gim Tuan is concerned with overdevelopment of PJ.

PETALING JAYA: MCA’s Kampung Tunku candidate Tan Gim Tuan knows he faces an uphill battle in winning the seat, given the sentiments of Chinese voters, who make up 75% of the 48,000 registered voters in the constituency.

“We know Chinese voters want a change at the federal level, but I think we stand a chance because I believe the sentiments of PJ people don’t necessarily reflect those of other Chinese voters,” said Tan, who is more commonly known as GT.

In an interview with FMT, Tan, the PJ Utara MCA chief, is banking on his “think local, vote local” campaign to win the hearts of the people in Kampung Tunku, an opposition stronghold.

“As someone who is born and bred in PJ, I find we aren’t moving towards becoming a sustainable developed city.”

Tan said the Selangor government and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) had failed to come up with a proper development plan for the city.

“Big developers have all the say here and PJ people are fed up with this.

“The local council and elected representatives are supposed to protect the interests of the people, not those of developers.”

Tan said approvals were given for the development of shopping malls and housing projects, even when these were not in the interests of the people. At times, these were not in line with development guidelines.

He said the overdevelopment had affected the quality of life of PJ residents, who were faced with traffic congestion and parking woes.

If elected, Tan said he would make sure development guidelines were adhered to and any proposed changes to PJ include the participation of residents.

“This is to ensure transparency and public participation.”

Tan said so far, his campaign had been well received and he believes this will translate into votes.

“I believe Pakatan’s failure to perform here will benefit us, and I believe PJ people are willing to give those who can work a chance.

“We know the Chinese sentiments but I hope people will use their best judgment and see what each party and candidates are offering objectively.”

On May 9, the battle for Kampung Tunku will be a straight fight between Tan and DAP’s Lim Yi Wei.

In GE13, DAP’s Lau Weng San beat BN’s Chong Seng Foo by over 13,000 votes.