I’ll make sure older folk prioritised, says BN man

Barisan Nasional candidate Kong Sun Chin says there is only limited access to healthcare in Pasir Bedamar.

TELUK INTAN: Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate for the Pasir Bedamar state seat, Kong Sun Chin, is counting on his strong bond with the locals in his hometown to help carry him to victory in the polls this Wednesday.

Although this is the first time he has been elected as a candidate, he believes he is no stranger to the people as he has always been providing services to those in need.

One of the things he noticed growing up in the area is that access for healthcare is limited, especially for senior citizens.

“It is about 3km to the town from where they stay. Though it is relatively near by urban standards, for these older rural folk, it is a difficult journey without public transport or their own transport.

“Many of them are living alone, as their children have moved to big cities like Kuala Lumpur to work,” he added.

Kong said he aims to take care of the senior citizens both in the constituency and in the greater Teluk Intan.

“This would include helping to set up a 1Malaysia clinic in the constituency.”

Kong said although voters in Pasir Bedamar had not complained about anything on the local level, there had been questions on national issues such as 1MDB, Felda and the goods and services tax.

“That might be the only problem,” he added.

Pasir Bedamar is a state seat within the Teluk Intan parliamentary seat. According to the Election Commission, its voter demographics comprise 70% Chinese, 16% Malays and 14% Indians.

Kong, who is from MCA, will be competing against PAS’ Kumaresan Shanmugan and the incumbent from DAP, Terence Naidu.

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