Guan Eng hints at Herculean task correcting country’s finances

Lim Guan Eng said he had been briefed on the country’s finances by scores of government officers under the finance ministry agencies over the past few days.

GEORGE TOWN: Incoming Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng today hinted at unspecified discoveries he had made after going through the country’s finances.

He said as a result, he had a Herculean task awaiting him in Putrajaya.

Lim said over the past few days, he had been debriefed by scores of government officers under the finance ministry agencies and realised that he would have to “work hard” to resolve the various issues.

“I wanted to see the real account statements (penyata akaun) of the country. And what I see (he shakes head) … I have to work very hard.

“Some matters (perkara), which we thought never existed, exist.

“I can’t tell you all tonight what it is, but what is for sure is I will work hard to restore the financial health of the country,” Lim said during a Penang Pakatan Harapan victory speech at the Esplanade grounds here this evening.

Lim had previously raised serious concerns over the economy, particularly over the spending power of Malaysians, after a hypermarket boss claimed sales had dropped as “people did not have the money”.

He had referred to the claim by Mydin stores boss Ameer Ali Mydin, who had in an interview said basic items, which used to be cheap, had gone up in price.

Ameer said based on Mydin’s internal data, prices of goods had risen by 14% to 15%, affecting the spending power of Malaysians.

Barisan Nasional had responded by saying the conclusion was unfair as Malaysians had shied away from hypermarkets, choosing to buy in smaller chain grocery outlets like 99Speedmart and Jaya Grocer.

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