Apandi on 30-day unrecorded leave

Mohamed Apandi Ali has been told to go on leave for 30 days. (Youtube screengrab)

PUTRAJAYA: Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali began his 30-day unrecorded leave today.

“So I will not be in my office today,” he said in a short message, maintaining however that he is still the attorney-general.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Apandi had been asked to go on leave and that Solicitor-General Engku Nor Faizah Engku Atek would stand in for him with immediate effect.

Apandi also told reporters in a text message not to waste their “precious time” waiting for him at the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

“My salam and regards to my media friends out there. Will be seeing all of you on some other occasion. Insya Allah. Thank you all,” he said.

Apandi had turned up for work yesterday despite Mahathir stating at a press conference that “there is no AG in the country now”.

No, I’m not holed up in my office, says Apandi