Umno man furious after cops stop him from meeting Najib

Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman speaks to reporters outside Najib Razak’s house after being denied entry.

KUALA LUMPUR: An Umno member from Negeri Sembilan is incensed that police refused to allow him to visit Najib Razak at the former prime minister’s home in Taman Duta, despite an appointment at noon today.

“Why I am denied entry? What kind of government of the day is this?” said a furious Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, who represents a fan club for the prime minister called Kelab Sahabat Datuk Najib.

“The police are denying me entry. Is he under house arrest?” he asked as he approached reporters who have been encamped outside Najib’s house since his coalition was defeated in the May 9 polls.

Police vehicles have been moving in and out of the bungalow on Jalan Langgak Duta. Last night, they took away personal belongings from the house, including handbags, believed to be part of an investigation into allegations of money laundering.

Rahim said he and Najib had been friends for many years, and he wanted to meet him.

He also questioned the authorities for investigating Najib.

“Is this a communist country?” he asked, before leaving the scene.