Show receipts for those valuables, Najib urged

Expensive handbags were among the items seized in a series of raids by police.

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak should show proof of receipts for jewellery and branded items bought by him and his family, says A Kadir Jasin, spokesperson for the Council of Elders.

He also called on those who had presented gifts to Najib and his family to come forward and make statutory declarations about their presents.

“He can show receipts and the declarations to law enforcement officers. He is being investigated for 1MDB and other scandals.

“He says some of the items taken away by the police were bought or presented to them. My contention is how would we know if these items were stolen or bought with their own hard-earned money?

“The right way would be to show receipts and certificates of authenticity of the items that Najib and his wife bought,” he told FMT.

Kadir was asked to elaborate on his Facebook posting which called for proof of receipts on items carted away by the police.

On May 17, police raided three apartments in a posh Kuala Lumpur condominium linked to Najib’s family, and seized 284 boxes containing luxury handbags and 72 bags filled with jewellery, cash, watches and other valuables.

Kadir said receipts were usually given to any customer who bought jewellery or branded items as proof of sale and Najib would have these receipts if he and his wife had bought them.

“In case these items were presented by generous friends, they must say these items were given to them. There must be SDs that they gave these presents to Najib.”

‘Why would a finance minister keep money under his pillow?’

Kadir also questioned why cash was reportedly found in luggage bags.

He said Malaysians saved money in banks, which helped the economy to grow. “But keeping money under the pillow does not generate income. Why didn’t he (Najib) deposit money in the bank?” said Kadir

“He kept money at home. That is not safe, too.”

Kadir said enforcement officers must investigate all the possible sources of Najib’s income.

Najib had claimed that many of the items seized were gifts and the money seized were donations to help in the 14th general election.

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