Smiling lorry driver who ignored police roadblock jailed 5 years

Magistrate asks counsel whether her client is mentally fit after he appears nonchalant and smiling in court.

KAJANG: A lorry driver who ignored a roadblock in Kajang and hit a number of vehicles while escaping towards Subang Jaya was sentenced to five years in prison by the Magistrate’s Court here today.

Nik Muhamad Khairul Azhar Nik Azmi, 28, in a light green T-shirt and wearing a cervical collar, appeared nonchalant.

He told the magistrate: “Saya mengaku salah puan” (“I plead guilty, madam”).

He also flashed a smile at the other accused persons, prompting magistrate Nor Afidah Idris to ask his lawyer whether he was mentally and physically well.

Counsel Nor Asyikin Zakaria told the court that her client, who was facing four charges, did not have any medical issues.

For reckless driving, Nik Muhamad was jailed two years and suspended from driving for three years.

For attempted murder by trying to run down a policeman, he was sentenced to five years’ jail.

For obstructing a policeman from carrying out his duty, he was jailed a year and for committing mischief, two years’ jail.

The magistrate ordered the sentences to run concurrently from his arrest on May 7.

The court was told that police stopped Nik Muhamad at a roadblock in Kajang suspecting that the lorry he was driving was overloaded. Instead, he sped off.

Police personnel on motorcycles pursued him and tried to overtake him but the driver tried to run them down instead and also hit other vehicles along the way.

Police were forced to shoot at the lorry’s tyres as it entered Subang Jaya, causing the vehicle to skid and hit an electricity pole.

In mitigation, counsel told the court that the accused, who is married with three young children, was remorseful for his action and sought forgiveness from the victims.

However, deputy public prosecutor Anis Suraya Ahmad urged the court to impose a heavy sentence considering that the accused had put other people’s lives, besides his own, in danger. She said the punishment should also serve as a lesson to society not to break the law.