Najib’s supporters call for justice

Nurhana Radzi, one of Najib Razak’s supporters, says the former prime minister is being treated unfairly.

PUTRAJAYA: Some 30 people gathered outside the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters here in a show of support for former prime minister Najib Razak, who is being questioned on allegations of corruption involving 1MDB.

Nurhana Radzi, 49, who hails from the Putrajaya Umno division, said the way in which Najib and his supporters had been treated reeked of unfairness.

She said even though they had gathered peacefully, they were barred from entering the MACC building.

“We are not even allowed into a public building. Why is that? We are not here to riot.

“This is not fair, just because it’s Najib inside we are not allowed in. When he was in power, he never did this to his enemies.”

Najib Razak’s supporters gather outside the MACC headquarters.

Nurhana said those who had gathered to show their support for Najib were only interested in seeing justice.

“Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We have freedom of speech, but it seems there is no freedom here today.”

She also hit out at the recent police searches of locations linked to Najib, saying: “Please don’t be cruel to him by raiding his house at late hours.”

She said the investigation against Najib appeared to be a criminal probe, even though he was “not that kind of person”.

“We know him, he isn’t that kind of person. If they are investigating the RM2.6 billion, that cannot be a case as his donors have already admitted the money was from them.”

Najib arrived at the MACC headquarters at about 9.40am after being served with a notice by the anti-graft agency to be present for questioning over investigations into SRC International Sdn Bhd, a former subsidiary of the controversial 1MDB.

MACC is investigating how RM42 million had entered Najib’s personal accounts from SRC International.

Najib arrives at MACC for questioning

Nation in suspense ahead of Najib’s visit to MACC