Police to Najib’s lawyers: Just tell us who ate the chocolates

Najib Razak’s lawyers have complained that the police searching the premises helped themselves to chocolates without permission.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police today reiterated that they would investigate any officer accused of helping themselves to chocolates during the recent checks at the home of former prime minister Najib Razak.

At a press conference today, Bukit Aman Commercial CID director Amar Singh, who is leading the probe into 1MDB, said the police had carried out the investigations as professionally as possible.

“With regard to the disappearing chocolates, we’ve asked the lawyers to come forward and lodge a report,” he said.

“Tell me exactly who ate the chocolates, and we’ll investigate from there.”

This was after Najib, in a statement issued by his lawyers, hit out at police personnel, claiming they had demanded that meals be prepared for them, and taken food and chocolate from his children’s fridges.

Amar said prior to the search, he had also given “very strict and very stern” warnings to his officers that no photographs should be taken.

“I also told them that we are to conduct the searches as professionally as we can, as we will be searching the premises of our former prime minister and his family.”

Amar has previously said he would not tolerate any insubordination, and that unprofessional conduct would be seriously dealt with if Najib’s allegations were proven to be true.

Police had been carrying out checks related to 1MDB investigations at 12 locations, including the homes of Najib’s son and daughter.