MyPPP holds AGM, says D’Cruz is president

MyPPP’s Loga Bala Mohan says he has been appointed senior vice-president of the party. (Facebook pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: A dispute over who is rightfully president of MyPPP continued today, as Maglin Dennis D’Cruz contended that he had lawfully replaced M. Kayveas, and that Kayveas had been expelled from the party.

D’Cruz said the decision to expel Kayveas had been agreed upon and confirmed unanimously at the 64th MyPPP annual meeting at Putra World Trade Centre here today.

“This is a valid general meeting which was attended by 1,236 national delegates. The meeting agreed to recognise me as the valid president,” he said. Loga Bala Mohan would assume the post of MyPPP senior vice-president.

Loga Bala said the meeting had been called on the advice of the Registrar of Societies. “During the meeting with the RoS several days ago, they (RoS) had directed MyPPP to hold a general meeting today,” he said.

Yesterday, Kayveas held a press conference to announce a 22-member Supreme Council. He contended that he was recognised by the Registrar of Societies as MyPPP president.

He had also announced that MyPPP was no longer with the Barisan Nasional and was independent of BN and Pakatan Harapan.

D’Cruz, however, said the party remained a BN component member. “What was said by Kayveas was merely his personal opinion and did not represent the party as he had already been expelled from the party,” he added.

Loga Bala said the decision to expel Kayveas and appoint the new president was made according to the party constitution. He would send records of the meeting and the list of new appointees to the Registrar of Societies shortly.