PAS objects to Mazu statue project revival in Kudat

Zulzaim Hilmee Abidin

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah PAS has objected to the resurrection of the Mazu statue project in the state’s northern Kudat district, saying the new government should give priority to other critical developments.

The party’s Sabah youth leader, Zulzaim Hilmee Abidin, said the state government of Parti Warisan Sabah and Pakatan Harapan should instead focus on basic necessities that are lacking in Sabah, as well as costs of living, and Sabah’s rights.

“We object to even the smallest effort to suggest a resumption of the Mazu statue, meant for tourism in Kudat. The statue project received many objections particularly from Muslim organisations and the state government needs to respect the wishes of the majority Muslim community in the state,” Zulzaim said.

Yesterday Sabah deputy chief minister Christina Liew, who is state tourism minister, had contemplated reviving the project in order to boost local tourism.

The proposed Kudat Mazu statue, at 33m (108ft) high, was to be the world’s tallest when proposed in 2005. It was to be built on private land facing the sea, at a cost of RM5 million.

Zulazim said the Warisan-PH government should not repeat the attitude of the previous Barisan Nasional-led government in terms of mega projects that ultimately were a burden on the people.

“Is this Mazu statue project the kind of balasan (gift) to the Muslim community who voted in the Warisan and PH as the winners in the recent election in Sabah?” he said.

He urged Sabahans to continue keeping the new state government in check so that it looked after the interests of all.

World’s tallest Mazu statue may yet rise in Kudat