Salesman shot 11 times by lone gunman at junction

The victim was in his Honda Accord when he was shot 11 times by a gunman at a traffic lights junction in Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam. (Facebook pic)

GEORGE TOWN: A phone accessories salesman has survived being shot 11 times by a gunman in a ski mask at a junction in Bukit Mertajam today.

The salesman, aged 23, had stopped his car at the traffic lights at Jalan Kulim near Taman Sentosa when a white car, make unknown, came alongside.

Police said a man wearing a blue ski mask got out of the car and fired 11 shots at the driver’s side window of the salesman’s car.

The salesman, who was alone in the car, scrambled to the passenger side and came out using the other door . Patrons of a coffee-shop nearby came to his rescue.

His car, left in “drive” gear, rolled on, scraping against the side of a  Toyota Hilux pick-up truck and  coming to a stop upon knocking into a concrete road divider.

The gunman then drove off. He was described as a well-built male with a dark complexion, about 170cm (5ft 7in) tall and with a tattoo on the right arm.

The victim was taken to Bukit Mertajam Hospital where he was reported to be conscious and in stable condition.

Police said the shots though missed his vital organs. He sustained injuries to his right arm, right shoulder, right ribcage and right thigh.

Police picked up 11 spent 9mm bullet shells at the scene.

Penang police chief A Thaiveegan said a task force led by the state CID would take up the case as it was attempted murder.