After video furore, Bangsar eatery closed until further notice

The notice informing the public that the eatery has been closed until further notice.

PETALING JAYA: The eatery in Bangsar which came under intense scrutiny following viral footage showing its workers washing plates next to a pothole filled with kitchen waste has been instructed to shut down until further notice.

Deputy director of the Environmental Health Department, Chandrakant Patel, said the restaurant was already closed when officers came to inspect the area today.

“We will take action to close down the restaurant until further notice,” he said.

He declined to reveal the name of the restaurant owner, saying only that the owner’s representative had admitted to mistakes in handling the restaurant’s operations.

Conditions in the back lane where workers were seen washing plates next to a pothole filled with kitchen waste.

“They do not have proper washing facilities behind the kitchen, although cleanliness checks showed that the restaurant was in good condition,” he said, adding that the eatery had passed the checks with an A- rating.

He also told reporters that representatives from three departments were there today – the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, the Health Department, and the Human Resources Department.

The 29-second video clip which went viral yesterday showed workers squatting over the pothole, scrubbing metal plates and rinsing them with water from a hose.

The restaurant operator subsequently issued an apology on Facebook, saying the workers had been newly hired and promising to ensure the incident would not happen again.

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