Loke: Isa Samad no longer SPAD chairman

Isa Samad has submitted his resignation letter.

PUTRAJAYA: Mohd Isa Samad has resigned as Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chairman following the decision to dissolve the agency, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said today.

“Isa submitted his resignation letter two days ago,” Loke said at his ministry today.

Loke previously said that since Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had announced that SPAD would be dissolved, it was time for Isa and all other political appointees of the former administration to resign.

Loke also said all political appointees in agencies linked to the ministry should also resign.

“This includes those in port authorities who were political appointees.

“I hope they take the honourable way out and resign. I do not want to embarrass them by sacking them,” he was reported as saying.

SPAD will be disbanded in order to downsize the government and get rid of its overlapping functions, he said.

“The long-term plan is to abolish SPAD legislation in Parliament and its staff will be absorbed into the ministry to downsize the civil service.

“We will reduce the number of staff if their functions overlap,” Loke had said.

Do the honourable thing and resign, Anthony Loke tells Isa Samad