Lawyers for stateless children say upcoming case to test PH’s promise

The Federal Court will hear two cases involving stateless children on Monday, in what their lawyers say is a test case of Pakatan Harapan’s promise.

PETALING JAYA: Lawyers representing two children of Malaysian parents have questioned the Attorney-General’s Chambers for pursuing a case to deny them citizenship, saying it violates an election promise by Pakatan Harapan to resolve the issue of stateless children.

N Surendran and Latheefa Koya said a case in the Federal Court on Monday would be “the first big test” for the new government to show its policy on stateless persons.

“Through no fault of theirs, these children and their families were wronged and made to suffer by the unjust policies of the previous BN government for many long years.

“The continued objection now of the AG’s Chambers in court increases the suffering and uncertainty of these kids and their parents,” they said in a statement.

They said both children lived in Malaysia all their lives. One of the cases involves the child of Lim Jen Shian, a Malaysian citizen, while the other involves a child to Malaysian adoptive parents.

They said the AGC “had strenuously objected to granting them citizenship” despite provisions in the Federal Constitution which recognised both children as Malaysians.

Their cases will now be heard in the Federal court after a five-year battle.

“This is the last hope of these two stateless children. However, we are surprised and disappointed that the AGC is still maintaining their objections to citizenship for these two children,” said the duo.