We’ll act against Naik if he breaks the law, says Muhyiddin

Controversial preacher Zakir Naik is wanted for questioning in India on charges of money laundering and spreading extremism. (Reuters pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today said Putrajaya would not hesitate to take action against Zakir Naik if the controversial preacher breaks the law, adding that he is still bound to Malaysia’s laws even though he is only a permanent resident.

However, he refused to comment on the government’s stand on India’s efforts to extradite Naik for questioning on charges of money laundering and spreading extremism.

“He is still subject to the same law whether it is a religious issue or a criminal one. He won’t be protected,” he said at a press conference after visiting Bukit Aman.

The Indian government has issued an extradition order to Malaysia for the return of Naik, whom it accuses of funding terrorism.

It was reported in March that India’s foreign affairs ministry had submitted the relevant documents, completing the legal process to demand Naik’s extradition from Malaysia.

Last year, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who was deputy prime minister at the time, said Putrajaya was prepared to deport Naik if there was a request from the Indian government. However, he said then that Malaysia had not received any extradition order.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin also announced the formation of a council to manage issues related to the granting of citizenship, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.