PJ church hosts interfaith buka puasa event

Malaysians from different faiths attend the buka puasa event hosted by the Church of the Assumption last night. (Pic: Jonathan Andrew/Gregory Chan FB)

PETALING JAYA: A church in Petaling Jaya here brought together individuals of different religious backgrounds at an interfaith buka puasa event last night.

The event, organised by Yayasan 1Malaysia and the Church of the Assumption, also involved an interfaith forum and the cooking and distribution of bubur lambuk to nearby residences.

It was attended by about 150 people, who were served by volunteers and who ate together in a hall located behind the church.

Yayasan 1Malaysia board of trustees chairman Chandra Muzaffar said the main objective of the event was to build bridges between Malaysians of different backgrounds and to learn about positive values from different religions.

“We want to show that fasting is not exclusively applicable to Muslims. It is inclusive, where people from different religions come and work together in preparing food and eat together afterwards,” he said.

Zuliana Hamdan, 18, said this was the first time she had joined a buka puasa event organised by a church.

She said it had been a good experience as she could share the positive message behind fasting with people from different religions.

“There’s nothing wrong with attending iftar (buka puasa) events at churches. Even Muslims in Arab countries have joined iftar in churches there,” said Zuliana, who was a volunteer at the event.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah who was also present at the event said the initiative was a good move to foster the spirit of togetherness and help people learn about the significance of Ramadan.

“We would like to see more of these initiatives where people of different faiths engage in conversation and form better unity through food,” she said.