Football-juggling teen a hit on social media

KLANG: Teenager Qhouirunnisa Endang Wahyudi is making waves on social media with a video clip of her juggling footballs while dressed in a baju kurung and headscarf.

The 18-year-old, known to her friends as Nisa, began her interest in football after accompanying her younger brother to play futsal two years ago.

Initially, she said, her father had not approved of her football activities but relented after seeing her enthusiasm.

The eldest of three siblings, Nisa, who studies Islamic Science at Universiti Al-Madinah in Shah Alam, said both her parents were now supportive of her interest.

She told Bernama that she began seriously honing her skills in football juggling after performing with two friends at Sunway Velocity Mall, adding that she looked to woman footballer Lisa Zimouche of Paris as her source of inspiration.

“Women in Muslim dress should not feel hindered in free-style sports such as football, as the will to do so is in us,” she said, adding that she has been practising football juggling even more amid the 2018 World Cup fever.

“Women in headscarves can learn to play any sport monopolised by men and we should be bold to take up the challenge.”