Defence ministry urges media to give advance notice, use proper channels

The media have been complaining of the difficulty to gain access to Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Defence Ministry is always keen to assist the media in carrying out its duties.

Responding to complaints that the media find it difficult to gain access to the minister, Mohamad Sabu, the ministry said in a statement that it had received numerous requests from the media for a special interview.

“Given the defence minister’s relatively tight schedule and to expedite the process, the ministry, through a strategic communications unit, was forced to arrange an interview with the media in groups.

“Since May 28 up to June 12, five series of interviews have been held which involved 18 media agencies, including print, electronic and online media. There are a few more interview slots with other remaining media agencies to be conducted, but they are subject to the minister’s schedule,” the statement said.

It advised media agencies to inform in advance and use the proper channels if they wanted to interview the minister.

Meanwhile, commenting on the minister’s response on questions via his personal WhatsApp application, the ministry said questions raised through the minister’s WhatsApp needed to be scrutinised with feedback obtained from related parties before any reaction could be issued.

The statement said the ministry would be organising a Hari Raya gathering soon and all media agencies would be invited.