Gobind to meet Astro reps next week over poor service

Minister Gobind Singh Deo has invited Astro representatives to his office next week to discuss matters raised.

KUALA LUMPUR: Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said today he would meet Astro representatives next week to discuss public complaints on the pay-TV service.

The meeting would take place at his office, he tweeted in response to a tweet by @NPeriasamy5, who complained about the Astro service on his Twitter account.

“I have invited their (Astro) representatives to my office next week to discuss the matters raised,” Gobind posted.

The Astro subscriber was dissatisfied over the way Astro had responded to his complaints regarding its service after several tweets were posted to them.

He claimed that his Astro decoder faced some technical issues that led to service interruption.

“Last couple of days trying to sort out a ‘kaput’ decoder; they could not be bothered.

“To rub salt to injury, Astro wants to charge RM61 as service charge!” he tweeted.