Give me one term to revive Umno, says Ku Li

KOTA BHARU: Umno presidential candidate Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has urged delegates to give him one term to revive the party.

The Gua Musang Umno division chief said Umno’s main challenge was the negative perception of the party, which the people viewed as proud and elitist.

“We need to improve ourselves because we face this challenge as people think we are arrogant and difficult to reach out to.

“This is the picture being painted by certain quarters (against Umno),” he told reporters after a Hari Raya dinner with Kelantan Umno delegates here last night.

Tengku Razaleigh said to get back on its feet, Umno would need to work with various parties including the non-Malays.

“To rise, we need the people’s support. We have to be friends with many parties,” he said.

On whether Umno would collaborate with other Malay-based parties like PAS or PPBM to regain support of the people, he said: “I do not know (with whom) we will be working with (yet). We will have to see first.”