Why would I kidnap my client, asks Siti Kasim

PETALING JAYA: Lawyer-activist Siti Kasim today heaped scorn on claims by the police that they had rescued her client, whom she is accused of kidnapping.

In a video uploaded on Facebook, she said she had no reason to kidnap her client.

“Why would I want to kidnap her? For what? Did I send out a ransom note?” she asked.

Adding that she was dumbstruck by the actions of the police, she said they should have conducted a thorough investigation of the claims that she had kidnapped her client instead of raiding her house after one report was lodged.

She said she hoped the home minister would look into the police’s actions which she described as “high-handed”, so that there would be no repeat of such incidents in the “new Malaysia”.

It is understood that Siti’s client, a woman in her 20s, was picked up by police after a complaint lodged by her mother claiming that her daughter’s faith was in question.

Siti earlier said that the woman, whom she claimed was abused by the mother, had been “abducted” by the police and Islamic authorities in Selangor.

A video posted on Facebook showed Siti at the police station, demanding that her client be freed. A woman was also heard from another room, denying that she had been kidnapped by Siti.

Siti was arrested at the Kajang police headquarters on Saturday and released yesterday following the court’s dismissal of an application for her remand.

She criticised the police for claiming they had rescued her client “without checking the facts”.

She also revealed that she had lent her client her phone after her client’s device was seized by the authorities, adding that she had given her money to buy food.

She went on to warn those who attempted to “oppress” her to think twice.

“Rest assured, this woman won’t be pressured into anything because I always stand up for the rule of law and always make sure I defend the rights of my client.”

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