After ‘mafia unravelled’, expect painstaking probe of 900 bank accounts, lawyer warns

Investigations into 900 frozen bank accounts will take years, says Art Harun. (File pic)

PETALING JAYA: Outspoken lawyer Azhar Harun has warned that investigations linked to 900 bank accounts recently frozen by anti-graft authorities would be painstaking and long, as institutions struggle to cope with what he described as “Mafia being unravelled”.

“One by one the investigators are peeling the layers of the onion network; the modus operandi; the grand scheme and getting to know the beneficiaries of the crimes; what they did and how they benefited,” Azhar, popularly known as Art Harun, wrote on Facebook today.

“It will take months, if not years, of painstaking investigative works. And more years for prosecutions to commence and convictions secured.”

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has reportedly frozen 900 bank accounts linked to the troubled state firm 1MDB. They include main bank accounts belonging to the Umno headquarters.

Art, saying Malaysians would live “under this great shadow of shame and infamy”, also raised concerns over the use of funds from the bank accounts to influence the electoral process.

“If it was proven that illicit money was distributed to political parties and that the same money was used to finance the election of candidates from those parties during the general elections, the question to be asked is, would that amount to illegal or corrupt practices under the Election Offences Act.

“And if they were, what would be the consequences of a finding of guilt against those people who were involved?” he asked.