After 1MDB, Zahid to tell MACC about family foundation on Day 2

PUTRAJAYA: Former deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he would be returning to the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission’s (MACC) headquarters tomorrow to continue facilitating investigations into his family-run foundation.

Zahid spent almost nine hours at the MACC today after he was called in to give his statement concerning an alleged meeting with a Saudi royal family member in 2015.

“Today, they recorded my statement on 1MDB, and I will continue giving my statement on the family foundation tomorrow,” he said, adding that MACC only knew about the said meeting with the Saudi royal family member through media reports.

When quizzed by the media on what MACC had asked him today, the newly elected Umno president replied: “I’m not answerable to you.”

Zahid then quickly left in his car.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (Operations) Azam Baki yesterday said the authorities were calling Zahid in for investigations into two cases.

Zahid previously said that the foundation, which he chairs, operated according to shariah laws and its monies were donated by him and his friends.

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