GBS: Sabah opposition reps’ attendance doesn’t affect court case

Gabungan Bersatu Sabah says its representatives were merely complying with the state assembly speaker’s directive.

KOTA KINABALU: The attendance of opposition representatives at the Sabah state assembly sitting today will not influence the court case to determine the legitimacy of the chief minister.

Releasing a joint statement on behalf of Gabungan Bersatu Sabah (GBS), Hajiji Md Noor and Jeffrey Kitingan said there was no issue arising from their compliance with the state speaker’s directive for another swearing-in to be held for opposition representatives.

“We have been advised that our compliance with the speaker’s directive does not in any way jeopardise the on-going court proceedings relating to the constitutional crisis brought about by the unlawful swearing-in of the second purported chief minister.

“It is all about the interests of the people, particularly our constituents who voted us, respecting the speaker under the doctrine of separation of powers and upholding the rule of law” said Hajiji, who is Sulaman assemblyman and Jeffrey, who is the Tambunan representative.

They added that as an elected representative, they are required to fulfil their obligations and ensure their interests were protected in accordance with the state constitution.

“This is more so particularly against any untoward actions of an unlawful government bent on seizing power and sidelining the rule of law.”

They said that under the separation of powers, the speaker was the head of the state legislative assembly.

“And we, as elected and responsible members of the august house will always respect the speaker and comply with his directions just as we did in complying with his directions on the first swearing-in on June 12.

”We will not be manipulated by people and hidden hands with ulterior motives to pitch us (as if) to dishonour the speaker and to breach the rule of law or to contravene the Sabah constitution,” the statement read.

Hajiji and Jeffrey also gave the assurance that GBS would protect and uphold the rights of Sabah and the interests of Sabahans.

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